Feedback “The Dream and the Oracle”

In my living room, there is a painting that I commissioned from Chiara a year and a half ago. I have always appreciated her art, which I find exquisitely original, refined, precious, and surprising. All of Chiara’s creations fascinate and enchant me; that’s why I wanted something of hers to admire every day.

I love warm colors and adore the trees that she often represents in her works. Those were the only guidelines I gave her; for the rest, I completely entrusted myself to her natural talent and sensitivity… and she created a marvel for me.

I was happy with the final result because ‘my’ painting is truly a feast for the eyes. The beautiful thing is that I had the opportunity to follow step by step the genesis of the painting thanks to the videos that were made to keep me updated on the various compositional phases: from preparing the background to the first tree sprouting on the canvas, from the starry carpet that provides life to the roots to the skillful brushstrokes that brought to life the proud blue bird, which in this dreamlike landscape represents the magic of an enigmatic oracle.

Well done, Chiara! When I entrusted her with the job, I was certain she wouldn’t disappoint me, but here she has truly outdone herself.